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Hair Color Services

Express Toner 60+min

Refresh your blonde or dark between color appointments.
This service does NOT include a haircut, Please book for an all-over color service if looking to refresh color and cut 

Service includes: Toner, wash/style

Starting at $90

New Growth color 90min+

A color service covering only the new growth.

Service Includes: haircut, color, wash

Starting at $115

All over color 90min+

A color service that includes both new growth through to the ends. 

Service includes : Haircut, Color and Wash

Starting at $120

Partial Foils + Tone 2.5+ hrs

A partial foil is a half-head or less of foils. Typically, along the hairline, part line, and money piece.

Service includes:  Partial foils, Toner, haircut and Wash/style.

Starting at $140

Color + Partial foils + Toner 2.5+hrs

Color on the scalp in-between partial foils, followed by a toner. 

Service Includes color, toner, haircut wash/style.

Starting at $150

Full Foils + Toner 3+hrs

A full head of foils.

Service includes: full foils, toner, haircut wash/style

Starting at $160

Color + Full Foils + Toner 3+ Hrs

Full color in between Full head of foils plus a toner

Service includes: color, toner, Haircut wash/style.

Starting at $170

Partial Balayage + Toner 2.5+hrs

Partial head of foils to help brighten up around the face. Unsure if you will want or require more foiling please book a service with a little more time.

Service includes: Partial foils, Toner Haircut wash/style

Starting at $150

Full Balayage + Toner 3.5+hrs

Full head of  Balayage/ hand painted foils

Service includes: Balayage foils, toner, Haircut wash/style

Starting at $180

New Growth Enlighten + Tone 2.5+hrs

No more than one inch of new growth for existing bleach and tone, this service will be customized by time by service provider to give the best up keep price for your hair.

Service Includes: enlightener, tone, haircut wash/style.

Starting at $150

Full Enlighten + Tone 3+hrs

All over Enlighten and tone for those platinum blondes

Service includes New growth to ends enlightener, toner, haircut Wash/style
Recommended with a previous consult with your stylist before booking

Starting at $200

Color Corrections or Vibrant services

Needing a huge change, a fix on a previous color or some fun bright color to your hair ?
this service will be customized by your stylist for price and time. Recommended to have a consultation before booking to ensure time, and price an estimate.

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